Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coober Pedy to Uluru

We did a good lot of driving to get to our next camp spot. It was at a dry riverbed, and there was lots of birdlife.
I made hamburgers for tea and they were delicious. I got out my trusty gadget called a slap chop to chop up the carrots and onions and celery. It certainly helps make the hamburgers faster!


It was my birthday the next morning, so we had breakfast by the fire - freshly squeezed orange juice and some muffins with my yummy homemade relish. It was a popular spot and there were lots of other campers there enjoying the peacefulness.
We were out of phone service, so no birthday messages until we arrived at a fuel stop called Erldunda. Fuel was $1.80 a litre!! There were lots of cars with caravans lined up, so I got out of the car and scanned for diesel on the fuel cap side of our car. I signalled to Randall, who went past about 5 or 6 vans to get to a vacant bowser that no one thought to check. They were all lined up like sheep!!
Randall took a photo of our van next to another one that was much bigger, but we aren't envious at all!

I caught up with my birthday calls and messages before we left as we knew there would be no more phone service until Uluru, 200kms away.

We camped a few kilometres outside of Uluru, at a recommended site. We have a 'bible' called Camps. It is up to Camps 8 and I think every camper should have one. When we arrived at the site, it looked  very ordinary, however, it said to go over the back of the dunes, which we did and there was a lovely area with other campers there.

We settled in for the night and Randall fired up the bagpipes and played up on the hill. They sounded beautiful!

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