Monday, June 15, 2015

Alice Springs to The Pebbles

We arrived at Alice Springs and planned to stay a few days for a bit of rest from travelling and to catch up on friends and do the finances. Randall also wanted to look at replacements for things that had broken, like the satellite TV box.
We stayed at a Caravan Park, as it was fairly central to town. We set the Satellite dish up to catch up on the latest news – we both like watching Sky News in the morning while we are having our breakfast.
We went back to a store we discovered last time we were here – Desert Dwellers –If we haven’t got it you don’t need it! It had relocated and we browsed around at all the camping bits and bobs. They had our fire pot there, and it had a newly designed door that you could shut off the air to inside, so, you guessed it – we bought it –the door that is! We took it straight outside and fitted it on the fire pot straight away, just in case it wasn’t right, but it was.
We also went to Randall’s favourite (not) store – Bunnings to get a gas exchange for a 4.5kg gas bottle. Not to be – but they do have a cafĂ©!
There are some lovely bird sounds around. One of them reminds me of the movie called The Rabbit Proof Fence – there was some really haunting birdsong at the beginning, and that’s what I heard around the campground.
It was quite cloudy most days and one afternoon the thunder started rumbling all around and continued into the evening, when the rain bucketed down. It is quite unusual to have rain at this time of year.
We met some interesting people camped near us – from Kalgoorlie, Port Macquarie, Cairns and even some people from up the road from us at home!!
We didn’t do any sightseeing, we keep saying we are going to but we end up doing other housekeeping stuff! I’m sure we will be back again.
We left Alice Springs for our next destination – The Pebbles. We had lunch at The Tropic of Capricorn, then kept driving. 

There are lots of termite mounds now, and some people have put T shirts on them so they look quite funny. We saw a lot of that along the highway.
Diesel is quite expensive when you get out of Alice Springs, so we filled up with an extra 50 litres in diesel containers before we left. Just as well, as one place the cost was $1.99 a litre!
As we drove up the highway we passed what looked like a vineyard, and there were signs advertising mango icecream! Randall thought that maybe the vines were mango trees, but when we got to our overnight camp spot there was a monument to the man who established the vineyard here. We got talking to one couple who had stopped and sampled the mango ice-cream and said it was delicious. They also bought some mango wine. 

The next morning it was very misty, and there was a heavy dew on the car. It was quite strange driving off in the mist. It soon cleared to a lovely day.
We stopped at the Devil’s Marbles for morning tea, and did a walk around. They really are quite fascinating.


A circus was also travelling our route and we kept on seeing them wherever we stopped. They must have been doing some sight seeing as well.
There isn’t a lot of road kill around, but I did see 3 or 4 dead cows at the side of the road. No dead kangaroos or anything like that.
We headed for Tennant Creek and ultimately The Pebbles – a mini version of the Devil’s Marbles.
We got fuel and had a drive around the back blocks, which is quite interesting, then drove another17ks to our destination.
It was very warm and I got out my shorts and put them on. Hooray! When it got dark, there was a very heavy downpour of rain, and we scrabbled around trying to put things away, as we were caught on the hop.

We did a walk around the pebbles, then back up the road to the turnoff, all up about an hour. We saw more termite mounds with clothes on!

We saw a sign for a women’s camp and also another for no entry to aboriginal freehold land, both roads that I had to talk Randall out of going up. He always likes to challenge things!
There were some lovely wild flowers on our walk.
There was a beautiful sunset the second night we stayed
As it was such a warm evening, we watched telly outside.
We've now swapped all our warmer clothes for lighter ones, and have got our sandals out instead of shoes and socks. We are both looking forward to warm weather!

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