Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Edith Falls to Pine Creek

Last time we came to Edith Falls I was sick so I didn’t enjoy it very much. I had a very sore throat that ended up with an ear infection. This time was wonderful!
The campground was quite lush and reminded us a bit of Mt Field National Park campground. The lady who runs the show is a bit of a sergeant major! The signs were quite funny though.

There is a big plunge pool by the campgrounds and then a short walk up to some more pools above it, and a longer walk to more pools again.
The first pools are lovely. It is so nice to swim in the fresh water, and of course it is a bit warmer than home.

We dispensed with a camera on this trip and just use our phones so there is one less thing to carry. There was no phone service at the campground but we discovered that there was if you walked part way up to the pools. I was pleased to be able to ring my brother for his birthday and send some pictures of where we were.

We stayed 4 nights here and really enjoyed it. Randall always has his radar out for opportunity and he comes over to me to say that there are power points at the amenities block (there were no powered sites at all, and no generators allowed) and a tap to take a washing machine attachment, and we could do some washing while we were there. I thought it was a bit cheeky, but Randall said he’d take the rap if anyone questioned him. He carried the washing machine over and plugged it in, but the power points wouldn’t work. He scanned around and saw the shower block water heaters were also plugged into power, so he undoes one to check, (I’m cringing!) It did, so he goes and gets a double adaptor from the van, hooks up to power and gets the washing going. I stayed right away (I know I’m a woos!) Randall got talking to a lady there who decided she’d go and get her washing machine and do the same. The sergeant major manager lady was too busy ordering people around to catch him.

We did the long walk one morning while it was cooler and saw the Sweetwater Pools. It was very pretty. We didn’t carry water but there was plenty to drink while we were there!

The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be able to wander down to the plunge pool and cool off at the end of the day.

Our next stop was Pussycat Flats at Pine Creek. We heard people talking about it when we were at Daly Waters and it sounded good. It’s actually a racecourse with a golf course in the middle, along with some huge termite mounds. It’s got a bit of atmosphere, not like a caravan park, but has good rates for power so we decided we’d stay.

It was very hot when we arrived and it’s not much fun when you are setting up. The bar opened at 4 pm so we headed there for a cool drink. A motor home pulled in which Randall and I both admired, then Randall thought he recognised the couple so he wandered over. Sure enough it was Lois and Richard from Tassie - Lois had worked at Wrest Point and was now retired. We enjoyed their company into the evening sitting in the ‘indoor outdoor’ seating area and comparing notes about our travels.

 It was quite late when we finished up, and too late for a big tea so I made cheese and bacon on toast that Randall said was the best meal he had had on the trip! (Beer glasses?) He also went out and decided to blow the bagpipes – it was nearly 10.30, so I’m cringing!! Someone yelled out a complaint, but the owners loved it and wanted him to play more!

We stayed a few nights to recharge the caravan batteries and as they were quite depleted from our stay at Edith Falls. Every time we are on power or start up the generator we get everything out that needs charging and plug it in.
Our next stop is Kakadu which we are both looking forward to.

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