Thursday, May 28, 2015

Melbourne to Adelaide

After a busy time in Melbourne, running around fixing problems, we felt a bit sad to leave Nikki and Shan, and Katie, Matt and little Otto. We had spent some extra days there, which we really enjoyed. 
It was hard to leave Otto, that's for sure!
The back window was all fixed and better than the original one!
Now was the start of our next adventure. The first overnight stop was at a place called Burnt Creek, where we set up for the evening. There was another couple there, travelling in their caravan, so we called them over for 'happy hour'. 
We weren't too far off the highway, so it was a bit noisy - even far into the night the trucks roll past.
We made some yummy muffin pizzas for tea. 
Our next overnight camp was another roadside one. Permangk was the aboriginal name for it. It was more a truck stop, so it was very noisy with trucks pulling in at all hours of the night. 
Our trip into Adelaide was very misty.
   It is a very steep descent too, so we were glad when we arrived at our destination. 
We had booked a night in the Levi Park Caravan Park. We have stayed there before and we knew it was very nice. Once set up, we got to work doing our washing. I am so glad we purchased our own little automatic washing machine. It is worth its weight gold!!
Once the washing was done we headed out to the shops to stock up for the road ahead. 
Food shopping between Adelaide and Alice Springs is not the greatest, so we bought quite a bit of meat and groceries. We have a vacuum sealer, so I got to work when we got back to camp getting all the meat sealed so it will last a few weeks. 
We took the opportunity to catch up with my sister Penelope, BIL Jame, and niece Madeleine. 


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